Continuous Tumbler Dryer Machines

El-Nino Continuous Tumbler Dryer Machine
Elmego X Continuous Tumbler Dryer Machine
Inner Cabin Structure and Automatic Filter System
Continuous Tumbler Dryer Machines

ELTEKSMAK Continuous Tumbler Systems are designed on two different platforms. Type of the machine is fixed according to the criterias like fabric type, fabric gsm, target capacity, etc. and it guarantees the most proper machine usage for process of each company. On the other hand, tandem systems which can be composed of both model machines are able to provide much more flexibility to users. The superior quality is been able to achieved by blending the productivity of ELMEGO X and powerful effect ability of EL-NINO.

Both of the machines can be produced with Natural Gas/LPG, Thermic Oil or Steam heating systems according to user requirement. For Elmego X 300.000 kcal/h capacity proportional burners for each cabin and for Elnino 1 pc of 550.000 kcal/h proportional burner is used for Natural Gas/LPG heating system. For thermic oil systems, for Elmego X 500.000 kcal/h thermal capacity radiators for each cabin and for Elnino 600.000 kcal/h thermal capacity radiator is used.

General Technical Properties



Elmego x

Fabric Type

All types of woven and some types of open width knit fabrics

All types of woven and open width knit fabrics

Cabin Number Range

Monoblock body, can be expanded as tandem form

Accoding to the target production capacity min 1, max 6 cabins

Working Width Range

1600 – 3400 mm

Process Speed Range

5 – 40 m/min

Field Of Use

For woven and open width knit fabrics, according to fabric type;

Providing softness and soft touch feel

Providing bulkiness and drape

Dust, fibre, enzyme, etc cleaning by mechanical hit

Providing softness and more vivid colors after printing

Removing the surface cracks after washing or dyeing process

For pile fabrics, lifting the piles and improving the surface quality