Production Center

Fan Production Area
Part Processing
Electrostatic Paint Area
Industrial Fan Production
Punching Unit
Stenter Assembly Area
Assembly Area General Wiev
Electrostatic Painted Parts
Assembly Area General Wiev
Laser Cutting Unit
Bending and Punching Units
Production Center

Elteksmak Machinery is located at the West part of Turkey in Denizli City. Area includes the many leading companies of Turkey in Textile sector which are primarily towel and home Textile producers. By proceeding its activities in the plant which is placed in a total 25.000 sqm including 20.000 sqm of indoor area, Elteksmak Machinery is able to provide the most proper conditions in terms of technical and logistic manner to its domestic / overseas customers by means of logistic advantage provided by the Denizli Cardak Airport and by short distance to İzmir and Antalya Air and sea ports alongwith the advantage of its location which can be counted as the heart of the big Textile plants.

All the mechanical equipments of the machines are produced under same roof from raw material to end product. Factory is composed of below main workshops.

-    Machining Workshop

    * CNC Department

    * Universal Machining Department

-    Steel Plate Workshop

    * Laser and Plasma Cutting Units

    * Punching Units

    * Bending Units

-    Welding Workshop

    * Stainless Welding Department

    * General Welding Department

    * Sand Blasting Unit

-    Painting Workshop

-    Fan Assembly Workshop

    * Production Unit

    * Balance Unit

-    Semi-Product Assembly Workshop

-    Main Assembly Workshop

-    Storage Area

-    R&D and Production Management Units