Relax Dryer Machine

Relax Dryer Machine

AIRELAX Dryer Machines are the systems which have been completely designed by ELTEKSMAK engineers and submitted to the user appreciation. By means of the technological properties that it has, designed for providing high flexibility and high efficiency especially for drying processes of knit fabrics. In accordance with the user needs, it is produced with the required number of cabins or passes as well as different entrance combinations and provides maximum amount of production capacity with lowest production costs to users.

AIRELAX Dryer Machines can be produced with belt entrance system as well as with combined fabric entrance composed of either belt entrance or chain entrance. By belt entrance system both tubular and open width fabrics, by chain entrance system only open width fabrics can be processed.

For chain entrance systems, it is also possible to place single or double padder as well as weftstraightener unit at the machine entrance. Thanks to that chemical application also can be done before drying process.

Field of Use

Drying processes of tubular and open width fabrics

Adjustment of the shrinkage values of the fabrics

Pre Drying process for some special Finishing lines

Softener and simple chemical applications

General Technical Information

Fabric Type: Tubular and open width knit fabrics, some types of woven fabrics

Cabin Number Range: 2 – 6 Cabins

Number Of Passes: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4

Belt Width Range: 1200 – 3400 mm

Proces Speed Range: 5 – 60 m/dak